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How to Deal with Property Damage from Hurricanes

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After a hurricane, safety hazards and major health issues are left to be faced by the people of the affected place. You need to be very careful and wise enough in dealing with these serious damages for they can bring injuries and illnesses to you and your family. The streets filled with debris are dangerous… Read more »

Insurance Issues Related to Hurricanes

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Thousands of businesses and people have suffered from by the flood waters and wind of Hurricane Sandy. But those who are hoping to rebuild may likely find their hurricane insurance claims denied and many of them have real and legitimate claims to compensation. Business owners, homeowners and others who have lost their livelihoods or property… Read more »

States Most Affect by Hurricanes

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New Orleans is not the only primary US city at risk despite its vulnerability to hurricanes. Weaker hurricanes likely can do critical damage in places that aren’t used to experiencing disturbances like storms and hurricanes. Most American coastal states and cities are importantly sitting duck to storms and hurricanes, with millions of people living at… Read more »

Lessons Learned From Past Hurricanes

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Despite the great innovation in this world, still, there is no accurate instrument that can be used to measure and predict the damage that might be brought by the hurricanes. The most common damages that it brings are damages to property, scarcity of the basic needs and worst of all, the death of numerous people…. Read more »